Tidal Homes LLC



  Over the years we have helped many clients with Land Home Packages. This is a great way to obtain your new home. However, this process is new to some people. At Tidal Homes we strive to make your land/home acquisition a great experience. We have a licensed Realtor on staff to help you locate  just the right lot for your needs and budget. Being as this is all being handled by one company there is less red tape and better communication. Our staff member is a licensed Realtor with NextRE, a leader in local Real Estate that strives to set the standard in new technology. 

 Finding a suitable lot has never been easier. During our initial consultation we will determine what your budget and needs are . Our on staff Realtor  will forward you automated emails the second a building lot that fits your criteria is listed on the local Multiple Listing System(MLS). No more scouring countless websites to find the ideal place to live. After your consultation the lot listings will come right to you free of charge.

 Obtaining a good deal on construction loan is a snap as well. We have many lenders we are already approved with. Tidal Homes will forward the land/Home package contracts to our lender or one of your choice and work with all parties to make the transaction as smooth as possible.  

 100% financing is available. No, that is not a misprint. One of our lenders will finance 100% of your Land/Home package up to $250,000.00. They will even finance 90% up to $417,000.00. This is a tremendous deal that is unheard of in most areas. Normally at least 20% of the total cost is required which make new construction out of most consumer's reach. This new program makes the dream a reality.

 The answers are at your finger tips. Feel free to call or email Tidal Homes today. We are here for you.