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Frequently Asked Questions

 Why should I choose Tidal Homes to build my new home?

Tidal Homes is not your typical big builder. We have very little overhead which means very good prices for you, the customer. There will be a representative of Tidal Homes on your job site most every day. Nothing is more frustrating to than drop by your new home only to find nothing has been completed in weeks. 

Who is the manufacturer of the homes that Tidal Homes sells?

Tidal Homes LLC has strategic relationships with numerous Modular home manufacturers. We are in constant contact with them in an effort to give the customer the best pricing available.

Is there a difference between Modular Homes and stick built homes?

In most cases no! Our homes are "stick built" in a factory. Our homes utilize the same framing techniques as stick built homes. Our homes have the luxury of never being out in the weather during construction. The day your home leaves the factory it is water tight! Read More about Modular VS Stick Built !!

Aren't all Modular homes the same?

Absolutely not! At Tidal Homes we urge you to shop around and compare the pricing and specifications of other homes. We believe the quality of our homes speak for themselves. We will gladly show some of our finished work and allow you to speak with other satisfied customers.

Do I have to use a standard floor plan?

At Tidal Homes you can use one of our floor plans or design your own. Some customers have actually drawn their own "dream plan". We will take the time to make sure that you are satisfied.

How do I start the process?

The process is quite simple. We will sit down and help you design your floor plan or modify an existing one. Tidal Homes does not require up front money to draw up your plans. You will not pay anything until you sign the contract for your new home. After you approve your house plans and sign a contract a 10% deposit deposit will be required. Your home will then be put into production and be delivered in 4-8 weeks.

How long will it take to finish my new home?

The process does vary, but in most cases your new home will be completed in 4-8 weeks after it is set on the foundation. Please keep in mind that weather conditions can delay things.

What kind of warranty will my new home have?

Your new home will have a ten year structural warranty to protect against structural defects. Tidal Homes also provides a one year incidental warranty to cover all other adjustments that may be needed.

Can Tidal Homes find me a suitable building lot?

Tidal Homes can do it all for you. We are indeed one stop shopping. Tidal Homes has a licensed Realtor on staff. We will find that special building lot that fits your needs.

Can I have "custom" upgrades of my new home?

Tidal Homes specializes in upgrades. We can provide just about any upgrade you wish. We offer granite counter tops, hardwood floors, custom mouldings, tiled showers and even vessel sinks. We offer custom lighting packages as well.  

Do I need to buy expensive upgrades just to get modern conveniences?

No. We offer smooth ceiling finish and custom mouldings. All framing is 16" on center. Central heating and air conditioning are also standard. We also provide brushed nickle lighting and hardware packages at no additional cost.

Types Of Modular Homes

What exactly does that mean? Types of Modular homes? You may be surprised to learn that there are different types of Modular homes. Modular homes are referred to as "on frame" and "off frame" modulars. "Off frame" modular homes are compared to on site stick built homes for appraisal and mortgage purposes. "On frame" modular homes are  compared to "manufactured" or "mobile" homes for these comparisons. 
At Tidal Homes we urge clients to be educated buyers so we will try to explain the difference for you. We always say "compare apples to apples"!

When a competitor's product is lower priced you can assure yourself there is a reason.
"On frame" modulars have a steal frame underneath of them just like a mobile home that remains in place after final placement of the home and usually do not qualify for the same type of financing as a stick built or "off frame" modular. If you visit a dealer and they have what they call a "modular home" and it looks like THIS you should be concerned. Take notice of the vinyl skirting and trailer tongues. 
If the home has vinyl skirting instead of a concrete block foundation it is an "on frame" modular. The dealer may install a block foundation under the home after it is installed but it is usually not a load bearing foundation. The foundation is put in place so the owner will not tear it apart and "tow it away" at a later date. In addition, an "on frame" modular will be finished with products and materials that are commonly found in "mobile homes". These products are of inferior quality and life expectancy. Dead give aways are the light fixtures, door hinges and knobs, windows, faucets, trim, thinner drywall etc. Pay special attention to the kitchen cabinets as they are usually not full, four sided cabinets that you typically would see in an "off frame" or stick built home. 

Do "on frame" modular homes fill a need? When the cost is the only factor, of course they do. However, the buyer is usually disappointed with the quality of the home once they move in. Quality is not the biggest surprise though. The owner can be deeply upset down the road when they try to sell their property and a would be buyer cannot obtain the necessary financing because of the way the home is constructed and classified. 

So how does the initial buyer get financing in the first place? There are many dealers in the area. Alot of them are owned by the same company. This same company also owns a mortgage/financing company. The two work together to get everything done in house. One would think this makes for a sweet deal for the unsuspecting customer. As we have already discussed though this can be a recipe for disaster down the road. The customer has a home they are unhappy with and they and will have problems selling it if they try because of financing issues.

The moral of the story is this. For most people a home purchase is the biggest purchase they will ever make. A decision not take to be taken lightly. Do your home work! Inspect the type and quality of the home. Check out the financing options that are available for the home you are considering buying.

Remember, compare apples to apples to ensure you are the getting the home you deserve before you make your new home decision!